Our team of claims consultants can help you with your Personal Insurance claim every step of the way, making it a smooth and stress free process so your can focus on your recovery.

Our Process

Step 2 – Research and Planning

Once we have the initial information from you our hard work begins. We put together a plan of how best to make sure we have everything covered and how best to put any claim together to give you the optimum chance of a desired result. we will be in contact with you throughout this process not just to give you progress updates in a language that you can understand, but also to inform you of what we are going to do next

Step 3 – Lodgement and Management

Once we have got all of the information required, we put together the claim and then communicate and liaise directly with the insurer and advocate for you regarding all aspects of your policy and insurance claim in a timely manner. The time this stage takes will depend on a few factors including the complexity and type of cover, how much they contest any information and of course the type of policy we are claiming against.

Step 4 – Claim Payment

We will arrange for your claim to be paid as quickly as possible!

Claim time is when your insurance policy really proves itself. After all, it's when the financial back-up plan you put in place 'just in case' has to kick in to provide financial security to you and your family.


We recognise the difficulties that many people face when trying to understand the (sometimes complicated) world of insurance, and of course this is why many often do not even know they are entitled to claim.


Step 1 - Establish what is possible

Our first step is to see whether you may have grounds to claim. We consider the details of what happened to you and any previous conditions, and discuss potential sources of insurance policies that you may not even know existed. After this initial step we should be in a position to let you know whether there is a chance that a claim may be possible.