We can help with:


  • Preparing your claim

  • Assisting with submission to insurance companies 

  • Liaising with insurance companies during the claim process

  • Reviewing insurance decisions

  • Providing guidance on the best approach with regards to possible claims  See more >>

Types of claims

There are four main types of insurance that our clients may have that may mean they are eligible to claim, such as:


  • Life insurance

  • Total & Permanent Disability (TPD)

  • Trauma/Critical Illness

  • Income Protection  See more >>

Welcome to Priority Claims Management - Your claim is our priority!


If you are sick, or injured, often the last thing you will want to do is work through the myriad of documents that insurance companies require you to complete. You'd likely rather focus on your recovery. Alternatively, you might have an issue and are not sure if it is an insurance claim or you might have had a claim denied and want to have it reviewed. This is where Priority Claims Management can assist.

We can help you understand the benefits available to you, preapre the necessary paperwork and documentation, as well as liaising with Accountants, Doctors and other medical professionals, or dealing with insurance companies on your behalf.

We don't litigate, and we don't take an adversarial approach. We manage claims professionally from start to finish using a robust process backed by our strong product and industry knowledge, while leveraging the strength of our relationships to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

If you or your family are suffering from illness, disability or bereavement, doesn't it make sense to trust a professional business with a proven track record to manage your claim from start to finish?


"PCM supported me all the way through all of the claims I needed to submit and followed through with me every step of the way.

Without their knowledge and support my claim experience would have been very stressful.

So, without hesitation I personally and strongly recommend that anybody concerned with their financial future and for their family's future financial security, to please call Priority Claims and make an appointment."

John W

"This is all thanks to your fantastic team. Despite your concerns, my wife and I have been very impressed with your efforts from our very first consultation to more recently the payouts. We have been very happy with the time to payout of both claims through our insurers.


You and your team are caring, empathetic, efficient and trustworthy. Well done to you all. You will be, and I must note have been highly recommended by us. Without the financial pressure we can focus all the energy on my health.”


Robert S

Your claim, our priority!